Help with appealing a denial of Social Security disability benefits

If you filed for Social Security Disability benefits and your claim was denied, you are not alone. The Social Security Administration (SSA) denies many claims every year. Many of these denials are simply because people fill out the paperwork incorrectly or provide incomplete medical proof of their disability. We regularly communicate with Social Security disability claimants who are dismayed by the denial of their applications. You should not feel bad, for 85% of initial applications are turned down. However, the majority of claimants who appeal will eventually be found disabled. If you feel you cannot work you should appeal.

How to appeal a denial Nevada

The Social Security Administration (SSA) provides several ways to appeal. Whichever option you choose to appeal, it is a good idea to obtain proof that you appealed on time. Start by visiting your local Social Security office to file your appeal. You can find the address in your denial letter. Take along the denial letter, a list of current medications and a list of names and addresses of all medical care providers you have seen since you last updated SSA, since you filed your claim or last appealed, so that you can complete all appeal papers at the Social Security office with a representative help with Social Security claim.

A Lawyer can help during the appeals process

The Social Security Administration denies nearly 85% of all claims and offers only a short window of time for you to appeal the denial. This window lasts about 60 days, and an attorney can ensure you accurately finish your appeal in the time you’re given. Time, processing, and accuracy are all causes that play a role in the appeals process, and disability lawyers have years of experience to help them guide you through this sensitive stage.

After your lawyer helps you file your appeal, they will go over a comprehensive, and favorable game plan for bolstering your case while you wait for the Social Security Administration to set a date for your hearing. Your attorney will appear at your hearing with you to ensure the court sees the most relevant evidence. They also make sure to properly question witnesses so that the court sees the severity of your condition. If all else fails, your legal counsel will make arguments to present to the Appeals Council.

Assistance available

We represent disability clients in all neighborhoods of Las Vegas City and throughout the Clark county metropolitan area. Including but not limited to North Las Vegas, Green Valley, Spring Valley, Sun City, Winchester, Enterprise, Summerlin, Henderson, Boulder City and Paradise.

We accept clients at all stages. Some of our clients file the initial claim themselves, and then come to us after their claim has been denied. Other clients come to us at the very beginning, and we start helping right at the initial claim filing stage.

If you are denied for Social Security help benefits, don’t worry, the statistics when applying for disability benefits without help show you have a very high chance of being denied of your benefits.

Take a look:

  • Denial rates at the initial level without help: 80%
  • Denial rates at the appeal level without help: 90%
  • Denial rates at the hearing level without help: 50%

However, with help of disability lawyer Las Vegas from The Disability Help Center Nevada, you can lower these denial rates and be approved for your disability benefits months’ sooner than going at it alone. Social Security Disability Lawyers Las Vegas can greatly increase your chances of being approved with your disability benefits claim.

If you are applying for disability in Nevada and you have some inquiries, we would be honored to answer your questions and discuss how to apply for disability in Nevada or provide an SSI Lawyer to represent your case. Social Security Disability Attorney Las Vegas can greatly increase your chance of winning your case. Schedule a consultation with a Social Security Attorney Las Vegas.