A Knowledgeable Clark County SSDI & SSI Attorney

We are Disability Help Center Nevada, and we have guided thousands of individuals through the Social Security Disability process. As a Las Vegas Social Security benefits attorney with more than 15 years of dedicated experience in this area of law, we can assure you that we can help you with a full range of questions and issues, including:

  • Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI): If you worked in the recent past, had Social Security taxes taken out of your paycheck and are now disabled from working, you may be eligible for SSDI benefits.
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI): Even if you have not worked or paid into the system, you may qualify for SSI benefits if you are disabled and below a certain income level.
  • Children’s disability benefits: If children from lower-income families have marked impairments that keep them from normal functioning, they may be eligible for benefits.
  • Applying for benefits: We can help you understand how to effectively fill out the initial application and apply for Social Security benefits.
  • Avoiding delays: Delays in the process can cost you a significant amount of time, money and hassle.
  • Preparing for a hearing: When you go into a hearing, it is important to know what to expect and how to best present your case.
  • Disabling diseases and conditions: Many people have questions about what kind of diseases or mental and physical conditions qualify as “disabling.”
  • Appealing a denied claim: Many claims are initially denied but don’t give up. We can help you file an appeal.
  • Why you need a lawyer: Engaging the help of a skilled Las Vegas Social Security lawyer is one of the best steps you can take toward success.

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How Does a Disability Attorney Help You?

We provide assistance to those who are filing for Social Security Disability Benefits (SSI & SSDI ). We can help you to prepare for a hearing with an Administrative Law Judge and provide a Social Security Disability Attorney Las Vegas.

The Disability Help Center represents their clients at a hearing with a Federal Administrative law attorney that is licensed in the state of Nevada, carries an EIN with Social Security and only does disability claims. Our legal division has a 90% success rate for social security disability benefits. We can provide an SSI Lawyer. Let us prep your case and collect all the hard medical evidence to help you win your SSI Nevada benefits. We will fight to get you the benefits you deserve!

Only The Disability Help Center has specialized medical forms that provide specific details about your disability/medical condition and can greatly improve your chances of approval with Social Security disability help.

The services our legal division  or Social Security Disability Lawyers Las Vegas provides are:

  • Complete all your paperwork and applications
  • File all documentation required for the disability benefits process
  • Handle all communications with the Social Security Administration
  • Gather all your medical evidence
  • Represent you in your administrative law hearing with a disability lawyer Las Vegas

We work directly with the Social Security Administration and have been able to help thousands of people receive their Social Security Disability benefits.

Social Security Attorney Las Vegas services with Disability Help Center Nevada, we are glad to help with Social Security.