For those who live in Paradise, a suburb of Las Vegas, getting assistance when applying for Social Security disability benefits is a must. That’s why we at the Disability Help Center Nevada are here for you. We offer our services that helps you get the social security disability benefits you deserve as quickly as possible. You can reach use through our website or call (855) 704-4222 and find out more about the type of services we offer, have your questioned answered, and get assistance to the complicated process of filling out forms and qualifying for disability benefits.

Do you need a Social Security advocate or attorney

At the Disability Help Center Nevada, our trained professionals have years of experience in working with people just like you trying to qualify for Social Security disability benefits, receive income through the Social Security disability insurance, or qualify for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) that is due to being disabled. Our services include the following;

  • Disability Application & Appeals
  • Creating Individual Plan of Action
  • Medical Record Support
  • Disability Hearings & Representation
  • Experienced Attorney
  • Unlimited Support & More

We stand by your side during disability hearings with low cost legal representation so that your rights are fully protected.

Disability Benefits: Thanks to our years of experience, we understand at the Disability Help Center Nevada that our clients need a customized plan of action, so they qualify for the benefits they deserve. This means evaluating your specific needs and customizing a plan that offers the fastest course of action so that you receive your benefits in the shortest amount of time.

Once your plan is created, we then work with you in filling out the right forms and ensuring that everything is done by the book. Our knowledgeable, experience professionals are here to help you every step of the way in getting the benefits that you deserve. If you ever need representation, our low cost legal services are here for you as well.

Social Security Disability Insurance: For those who have paid into Social Security, you can access the benefits based on the amount you put in. This means that those who have paid in for many years may receive a large benefit as a result. We can help you access your benefits through the claims process with our experts by your side.

Supplemental Security Income (SSI): For adults and children who are disabled and unable to work and have little to no income, the SSI program may be right for your needs.

We are Here for You

For those who live in Paradise, you can call our offices at (855)704-4222 or you can contact the Disability Help Center Nevada through our website. Our friendly, courteous staff will explain the services we provide, answer your questions, provide the proper guidance, and even offer our low cost legal representation if needed. Do not go it alone when filing for your disability benefits, let Disability Help Center Nevada be by your side to expedite the process and ensure that you get what is deserved. Call today and we can start immediately to help you!