Disability Help Center Las Vegas, Nevada Video TeleConferencing

For those who are applying for Social Security disability benefits, you know that it can be a lengthy process of filling out forms, supplying the right documentation, and attending a hearing that helps determine if you qualify. At the Disability Help Center Nevada, we offer a certified Video TeleConferencing (VTC) room with RVP code for secure transmission.

How Video TeleConferencing (VTC) Works for You

Inside our offices at the Disability Help Center Nevada, we offer a special room that has been set up to handle VTC for Social Security disability hearings. Before the advent of video teleconferencing, hearings had to be attended in person by the applicants, their representation, and the Administrative Law Judge (ALJ). Today, you can take advantage of the VTC in our offices which provides a television, camera, speaker, and microphone so you can interact with the ALJ who is in another building.

Disability Help Center Las Vegas, Nevada Video TeleConferencingThe ALJ being in a different room is what really separates the VTC from a traditional hearing. However, the video equipment involved which transmits on a secure, encrypted channel, allows for the judge to see, hear, and interpret your demeanor during the hearing. This plays an important role in helping the ALJ determine if you qualify for Social Security disability benefits.

At the Disability Help Center Nevada, we offer one of the relatively few VTC certified rooms in the region. This means that you can schedule through our offices the time to have your disability hearing in a safe, secure environment.

VTC Advantages

Social Security AdminYou may wonder about the benefits of using a VTC as opposed to attending a hearing in person. While the setting may be different in the sense that the ALJ is in another room and you interact with the judge via television, camera, speaker, and microphone, it is a place that is comfortable and easy for you to follow what is happening at all times.

Setting a Quicker Hearing Date: Arguably the best reason why you should choose a VTC as the venue for your disability hearing as opposed to a traditional setting is the speed in which the VTC can be set up. Because of the greater convenience for both the person applying for the benefits and the ALJ, the VTC can be set up faster which means that the process is moved along quicker, and you receive your benefits in a timely fashion compared to a traditional hearing.

Convenience: At the Disability Help Center Nevada, we are conveniently located for the residents in our area which means less time on the road or dealing with traffic. You will not have to drive as far, and you can take advantage of the conveniences in our offices both before and after your VTC hearing takes place.

There is no downside to choosing a VTC over a traditional hearing. This is because the ALJ will be able to see, hear, and interact with you just as if the judge was in the room. All things considered, the VTC should be your first choice when setting up a hearing for your disability benefits claim.

In addition, we offer full services in helping you apply for disability benefits from Social Security, starting with filling out the proper forms, supplying the right documentation, and providing legal assistance when needed for your hearing.

Do You Need Legal Assistance?

Las VegasIt’s a question that many people ask when applying for disability benefits and attending a hearing conducted by the ALJ. The answer is that having a knowledgeable, experienced attorney who specialized in Social Security disability benefits and the laws that apply provides an invaluable partner in your efforts to secure your claim.

Keep in mind that one misstatement may be the reason why an ALJ decides that your claim will not go through. Having legal representation means that they can help you conduct the hearing, advise you on the right course of action, and answer all questions that you have which may make the difference between success and setback that might last for weeks, months, or longer.

Having an attorney by your side means that your rights are protected, and any potential misunderstanding averted quickly to the satisfaction of the ALJ.

How We Can Help You

TeamAt the Disability Help Center Nevada, we offer our full services in helping you receive your disability benefits. Our VTC services are just one of many that we offer to help people just like you get through this complicated process. Our secure VTC site is certified per RVP code for encrypted transmission and the room is comfortable and ample enough to conduct the hearing which is a vital part of the application process.

Please contact our offices, so we can provide you with complete information about what to do along with answering all your questions. In addition to video conferencing for your hearing, we also offer complete support services that include legal representation to ensure that you are best prepared for your hearing, so you can receive your disability benefits.