Factors that Can Make Me Lose My Social Security Disability Benefits

When you’re on disability, you need to be mindful of any changing circumstances in your life. These can cause you to lose your benefits if you’re not careful. Some are obvious, but some aren’t. Here are some ways you can lose your disability benefits.


Here’s one that’s a bit obvious. If you start working, you may lose your benefits, but this will depend on how much money you make. If you’re making more than $1,180 a month, you may lose your benefits. However, this will depend. Sometimes, you may lose your benefits even if you’re working less, and vice versa. Always talk to the professionals if you have a new job.

You can also look into a trial work period. Sometimes, you can work for up to 9 months without losing your benefits. This gives you enough time to figure out if you can work regardless of your disability.


When you reach the age of retirement, your disability benefits will be replaced by the retirement program. If you’re approaching the age of 65, you should talk to the professionals and see what will change.

Being Incarcerated

If you’re imprisoned, you won’t need money where you are, so the benefits will stop. Upon release, your benefits will be reinstated 30 days after release. Always talk to Social Security before and after you’re incarcerated. If you’re on parole, you may lose your benefits when you violate your parole.

Your Health Improves

If the symptoms caused by your disability start improving, you may lose your benefits. You’ll regularly have to go through interviews where you’ll give updates on your disability. If they find you don’t need your benefits anymore, they’ll take them away.


Perhaps the biggest reason for losing your benefits is if your income is too high. You may think this reason is the same as the first one, working, but there are more factors. If your spouse, parents, or any other guardian makes more than the rate, you may lose your benefits. Talk to your provider and see what that income has to be, since it will depend on a multitude of circumstances.

When you’re on disability, you need to look into the changing factors that may make you lose your benefits. If you’re not prepared, you may lose them. Sometimes, losing your benefits is inevitable, but by being prepared, you can survive.