What is Disability Determination Services?

The office of Disability Determination Services is often referred to as the DDS.

DDS is the department that decides whether a person is medically eligible – whether physically or mentally – to qualify for disability benefits. Every  day, they are rejecting or approving more claims than you can count.

They are ran by the state. There may be one giant headquarters, or smaller offices scattered across the state. They function so that they can get your application and review it in the most timely way possible. Sometimes, the name may be a little bit different, and the office will not be called Disability Determination Services. For example, the office may be called the Disability Determination Bureau instead, or another name altogether. However, they all have the same functions.

When you apply for disability in Nevada and before an application is sent to the DDS, it is looked over and non-medical facts are checked.

Some of the non-medical facts checked include:

  1. A younger person who is disabled may have different chances of receiving disability than an older person.
  2. Employment history. How much the person has worked in the past can determine whether or not they qualify for disability.
  3. Educational history. If the applicant has no educated, they may have a lower chance of receiving benefits.
  4. Marital status. Those who are married may have a spouse who is making enough to money for them not to qualify for disability.

When applying for disability, make sure your facts and history are as accurate as you can remember. Submit the most up-to-date medical info you have as well. Double check before you submit, and it can save you some headaches when handling an issue with the DDS.

After that information is verified, the file is sent to the Disability Determination Services where it will be assigned to an examiner who will decide if your case meets the criteria for you to be considered disabled. The DDS may have hundreds of examiners working to determine people’s claims. As you can imagine, not every case is approved, even if the evidence you have for your disability claim is strong.

If your initial case is denied, the DDS office will also handle the reconsideration claim. They typically will store all your information away in order to access it in the event you do appeal.

If you are applying for disability in Nevada and you have some inquiries, contact Disability Help Center Nevada. We would be honored to answer your questions and discuss how to apply for disability in Nevada or represent your case.

Whether you’re a

  1. First time applicant who has some questions about the process.
  2. Person who has been rejected and does not know how to proceed.
  3. Person who is just wondering they qualify for disability all.

We can help you receive those benefits you deserve. The DDS works hard to make sure everyone is chosen fairly, but with hundreds of workers reviewing dozens of cases every day, mistakes can happen. Those who are looking for benefits for their disability in Las Vegas, or learning how to apply for disability in Nevada may benefit from talking to us. We provide answers and solutions to all the Social Security disability help or questions you may have.