Can I Afford a Non-Attorney Disability Representative?

When you’re trying to get your disability benefits approved, you don’t necessarily need to hire an attorney. Sometimes, you can hire a disability advocate to help you get the benefits that you deserve.

What is a Disability Advocate?

A disability advocate is simply a person who assists and represents those who are trying to file for disability. They usually don’t have law degrees, but they are still trained and have knowledge about disability law. You’ll want an advocate that is well-trained and up-to-date with all the changing laws of Social Security benefits.

How does an advocate compare to an attorney? It all depends on how much experience they have. An advocate with years of experience may be able to help you just as good as an attorney can. Meanwhile, an advocate with little experience may be problematic in court. They won’t be able to argue or study the law as well as a qualified attorney may be able to.

How Much Does an Advocate Cost?

Like an attorney, the advocate has to get paid somehow. Just like attorneys, an advocate may take some off the back benefits you obtain when you win your case. There are limits as to how much an advocate can take. They can take up to 25 percent, or up to $6,000. This makes the world of advocates the same when it comes to pricing. Most are going to take the limited amount they can.

This makes it easier to choose. With other cases, you may be hindered because the best attorneys charge the most. However, with a disability advocate, everyone is charging the same.

There are also some nonprofits that will provide advocacy free of charge. Of course, you always get what you pay for, and sometimes, you may need a more qualified advocate. A paid advocate may be the best path in some circumstances.

Choosing the Right Advocate

Do your research when choosing an advocate who is right for you. Talk to people who have had their disability approved through court. See who they picked as their advocate. Read the reviews and find an advocate who has received glowing praise. Don’t settle for less in this department.

Getting your benefits can be a frustrating experience, but by picking an advocate, and choosing one who will charge fairly when you win, you can receive the benefits you deserve. Talk to an advocate today, and see if you have a case.