What if My Disability Attorney Made a Mistake on My Case?

Despite what popular culture may tell you, lawyers are human. They may be well-versed in the law, but they’re still going to make mistakes. But what if they make a mistake that costs you your disability case? You spent money on an attorney to help you fight for your disability, only to lose because of a mistake that wasn’t your fault. What is your next move?

Pursuing Malpractice

Malpractice is when a lawyer fails to handle your case properly, and you can sue your lawyer for malpractice and get compensation. However, proving malpractice is not easy. If your lawyer is sleazy, they’re going to use everything in the book to try to squirm away. You need evidence that proves the lawyer failed to use the same care in this case that other lawyers would do. You need proof that it was a mistake on the lawyer’s part and not on your own.

There are plenty of ways a lawyer can make a mistake. Lack of communication between lawyer and client can kill a case. Not telling you how they think the case will transpire is another mistake. If they don’t give you the right preparation for a trial, that can be a mistake as well. Proving they made a mistake and assessing the damages is how you win this case. Make sure you have all your documents and communication with your lawyers saved. They can make or break the case.

Your Case Isn’t Over Yet!

Depending on the circumstances, you may still have another chance to get your disability benefits. Depending on your area, you can go to the court of appeals, take the case to federal court, and so on.

Talking to a good lawyer can help you figure out if there is a case, especially if the reason you lost is because of an attorney’s fault.

If your lawyer messes up, remember it’s not your fault. With any profession, there are good lawyers who know the law and want their client to succeed, and there are bad lawyers who are in it for the money and don’t care if their client fails. Fighting for disability is a vital time in your life, and if you lose the case, it can seem like it’s over. However, by being persistent, and proving that you qualify for disability, you can be rewarded.