Residual Functional Capacity

If the Disability Determination Services (DDS) recognizes your disability, you may think that you’re about to be approved for disability benefits. However, your claim may still face rejection if it’s determined by the DDS that you have a high enough RFC.

A Residual Functional Capacity Form (RFC) assesses the most amount of work that you can do despite the limitations from your disability.

This RFC form will be filled out at the request of the DDS examiner by a DDS physician or psychiatrist who reviews the medical evidence in your file to gather information. The DDS physician will rate the residual functional capacity after taking into account the medical condition and how it affects the person’s ability to work. The form will make reference to how long a person can sit, stand, walk, etc. Or, in the case of a mental claim, how the person would handle a work environment if they have a poor memory, rational thinking problems, etc.

For example, if you can’t walk, but your arms function well, your claim may be rejected because you are able to do computer work just as well as someone who may be able to walk. If your mental condition prevents you from talking to other people, the DDS may reject your claim because there are jobs where you don’t have to talk to anyone.

You may ask your own treating physician(s) to complete an RFC form which can be included with your application.

Your medical records are written to keep a record of what your symptoms are at a given time and describe your pain. They are not written in a way that would note your ability to work or your prognosis for returning to work, but this is the information that the DDS physician must use to complete your RFC form. Your own doctor knows you and can shed the best light on how your condition will affect your return to work. An RFC form completed by your doctor can be much more beneficial to you than a form completed by a DDS examiner physician.

If you do choose to ask your doctor to complete an RFC form, you should do it early in your application process. Social Security disability help. Let your doctor know that you intend to apply for disability in Nevada and that you would like him/her to complete the form. The RFC form is long, so don’t expect your doctor to quickly fill it out and hand it back to you. If your doctor does not return the form within a few weeks, politely follow up to see if it has been finished.

It can be frustrating to apply for disability and be told that you’re not disabled enough for benefits.

The government does not want to give out disability so easily, and sometimes, they may think of any reason they can to stop disabled people from receiving benefits. Contact Disability Help Center Nevada today if you were rejected and you want to appeal. We will provide all the SSI help you need, from an SSI attorney to general Social Security help questions.

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