Who is a DDS Examiner?

Who is a DDS Examiner? The Disability Determination Services employs examiners whose job is to determine whether the claimant is considered blind or disabled according to the law. The examiner uses an RFC form (Residual Functional Capacity) and fills it out according to the medical information provided by the claimant in their disability application. There  … Read more

Disability Determination Services

What is Disability Determination Services? The office of Disability Determination Services is often referred to as the DDS. DDS is the department that decides whether a person is medically eligible – whether physically or mentally – to qualify for disability benefits. Every  day, they are rejecting or approving more claims than you can count. They  … Read more

Steps for Initial Disability Determination

The Steps to your Initial Disability Determination Once apply for disability in Nevada and your application arrives at the Disability Determination Services (DDS), your case is assigned to an examiner. The DDS examiners job is to use the information provided in your application to see if you meet the criteria for disability benefits. These criteria  … Read more

Initial Disability Application

Initial Disability Application There are several different steps that your initial disability application will go through when you apply for disability in Nevada. It is important to be specific and completely fill out the application before it is submitted. The application forms will ask you to describe your disability (physical or mental), treatments you have  … Read more