Criminal Case Affects Disability Claim?

Can My Criminal Case Affect My Disability Claim? We’ve all made mistakes, but when your mistake has landed you in some legal trouble, it’s hard to brush it to the side. Being convicted of a crime can make it harder to land a job, it makes people trust you less, and it’s always a stone  … Read more

Income Opportunities for Disabled Person

Income Opportunities for a Disabled Person One of the most frustrating parts of living with a disability is trying to make some money. The laws say that companies cannot discriminate against those with disabilities, but that doesn’t stop some people from slamming the door on you. At best, your disability check gets you by. At  … Read more


Social Security Disability and HIV/AIDS While it’s not the death sentence it was in the ‘80s and ‘90s, HIV and AIDS is still something you don’t want to live with. Besides the societal shame in having the disease, despite the circumstances of how you contracted it, the gradual failing of your immune system can lead  … Read more

Factors that Can Lose SSDI Benefits

Factors that Can Make Me Lose My Social Security Disability Benefits When you’re on disability, you need to be mindful of any changing circumstances in your life. These can cause you to lose your benefits if you’re not careful. Some are obvious, but some aren’t. Here are some ways you can lose your disability benefits.  … Read more

SSDI Benefits for Disabled War Veteran

Social Security Benefits for a Disabled War Veteran You’ve done an incredible job of serving your country, and you have the disability to prove it. Now, it’s time for your country to return the favor. If you are a disabled veteran, you probably have many questions. Can I get compensated for my disability? How will  … Read more

What if My Disability Attorney Made a Mistake on My Case?

What if My Disability Attorney Made a Mistake on My Case? Despite what popular culture may tell you, lawyers are human. They may be well-versed in the law, but they’re still going to make mistakes. But what if they make a mistake that costs you your disability case? You spent money on an attorney to  … Read more

What to Know Before Hiring a Disability Attorney

What to Know Before Hiring a Disability Attorney So you’ve applied for disability and it’s been rejected. The next step is to take it to court and find a disability attorney who can present your case in the best light and get you the disability check you deserve. However, with any case, you need to  … Read more

Can I Afford a Disability Representative?

Can I Afford a Non-Attorney Disability Representative? When you’re trying to get your disability benefits approved, you don’t necessarily need to hire an attorney. Sometimes, you can hire a disability advocate to help you get the benefits that you deserve. What is a Disability Advocate? A disability advocate is simply a person who assists and  … Read more

Residual Functional Capacity

Residual Functional Capacity If the Disability Determination Services (DDS) recognizes your disability, you may think that you’re about to be approved for disability benefits. However, your claim may still face rejection if it’s determined by the DDS that you have a high enough RFC. A Residual Functional Capacity Form (RFC) assesses the most amount of  … Read more

What is a Consultative Exam?

What is a Consultative Exam? A Consultative Exam (CE) is a medical examination. Some people who have applied for social security disability benefits are asked to have a consultative exam by the DDS examiner who is handling their claim. You will receive a letter asking for a consultative exam if one is needed. If your  … Read more